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Stay Duet

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SERIES: Stay Duet • Book 1 of 2 
TROPES: Dual athletes, he falls first, hockey, mental health 


He's a temptation I can't afford.

Last year, I tanked my freshman year at college. It was nothing short of an epic fail.

This year, I’m focused on academics. Sure, I’ll humor my roommate, Brooklyn, by going to a party or two, but I’m not about to make the same mistake twice by becoming unfocused.

Unfortunately, someone should have mentioned that to a certain hockey playing hottie. He just won’t take a hint and leave me alone. As much as I hate to admit it, if I had a type, Cole Mathews would fit it to a T with his dark shaggy hair, golden-brown eyes, muscular arms, and damnable dimples.

Oh, and did I happen to mention his wide chest? Yeah…totally dreamy.
Er, if I were the dreamy sort, that is. Thank goodness I’m not.
To make matters worse, he’s ridiculously easy going. And yeah, nice.
Definitely kryptonite. Which makes him much too dangerous for me and this year, I’m smart enough to realize it..


Don't Leave

SERIES: Stay Duet • Book 2 of 2 
TROPES: Second chance, dual athletes, he falls first, hockey, mental health


Sharing my past was the easy part. Working through the issues that stand in our way could be the end of us.

Even though I told myself there wasn’t room for love in my life when I had so much to prove, I couldn’t help but fall for Cole Mathews. With his gorgeous, whiskey-colored eyes, dark shaggy hair, and dimples to die for, Cole is everything I never expected to find. And he just so happens to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Just when our relationship couldn’t feel more perfect, someone from my past unexpectedly shows up at Western. Luke Wellington is the one guy who saw me at my worst last year. He’s also the one who can ruin all the painstaking progress I’ve made this semester.

Only now do I realize that telling Cole about my past was the easy part. Working through all the issues that now stand in our way could be the end of us.

Don't Leave by USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Sucevic


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