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Campus Player

He has a reputation. She's about to discover the truth.

Trust me when I say that Rowan Michaels fever is alive and well at Western University. His fanbase is legendary. The guy is a major player. Both on and off the field. Girls fall all over themselves to be with him. They fill the stands at football practice, show up at parties he’s rumored to be at, and basically stalk him around campus

It’s a little nauseating

Don’t these girls have any self-respect when it comes to a hot guy?

Fine...I’ll admit it, he’s good looking. If you’re into that kind of thing. Which I’m not. I’ve got school and soccer to keep me busy which is exactly why I avoid him like an unfortunate clap diagnosis

Too bad for me that Rowan is my father’s star quarterback. He’s practically part of the family, attending Wednesday night dinners with us. To make matters worse, we’re in the same major and get stuck together in classes every semester. It’s like the universe is trying to play a cosmic joke on me. The one guy I’d like to steer clear of is the very same one I can’t seem to get away from. But what if Rowan isn’t the player I pegged him to be?

What if one little secret has the capability to change everything between us?

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Campus Heartthrob

He Can Have Any Girl. Except the One He Wants.
Brayden Kendricks might be God’s gift to the female species at Western University, but I want nothing to do with the dark-haired football player. The guy is an attention seeking you-know-what who soaks up fan adoration like it’s his due in life for being hot and talented.
Damn. Did I just say that?
All right, fine...I’ll grudgingly admit that Brayden is decent looking. I suppose if you’re into guys who resemble Greek gods with abs of steel and chiseled pecs, then sure, one could consider him attractive.
Am I guilty of having a tiny, practically non-existent crush on him freshman year?
I’d prefer not to answer that question.
Thankfully, I quickly came to my senses and have made a concerted effort to steer clear of Brayden ever since. It hasn’t been easy, considering that my bestie is now dating his roommate and we’ve been thrown together for an accounting project. You’d think after years of baring my teeth at him like a rabid dog, the guy would have gotten the memo that I’m not interested.
Apparently not, since he’s spreading word around campus that we’re going out.
I mean, can you even imagine?
Dating Brayden Kendricks?
I have four words for him...

Campus Hottie Ebook Cover[12].jpg

Campus Hottie

He has a secret. One that could destroy his friendship.

Carson Roberts is Western University’s most sought after tight end. He’s the total package. A pretty face to go along with all those sculpted muscles—check. An All-American—double check. A guaranteed one-way ticket to the NFL after graduation—triple check.
Did I happen to mention that he’s also my brother’s best friend, which means I grew up with the guy and have crushed on him for nearly just as long?
We’re talking a decade of unrequited yearning. Don’t worry, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that he’ll never see me as anything more than the little sis he never had.
Sort of.
And even if he did just so happen to notice that I’ve filled out and no longer wear braces, Brayden would have a major conniption. When it comes to the male species, he’s ridiculously overprotective. Any guy who has so much as given me a bit of side-eye has been treated to a swift and memorable beat down.
Which is precisely why I’m still in possession of my V-card.
Want to know how to make being a nineteen-year-old virgin with a major crush on her brother’s best friend even more pathetic?
Blurt out at a frat party that you’ve spent all these years saving yourself for him.
If you’re thinking it can’t possibly get more humiliating than that, you’d be wrong.
Oh. So. Wrong.


Campus God

He'll do anything to have her. Even if it means breaking bro code.
Crosby Rhodes is considered a god when it comes to Western Wildcats football.
And who knows?
Maybe he actually is one. There’s certainly no shortage of girls on campus who agree with the sentiment. They swoon over his pretty face, dark messy hair, and hard body honed from years of lifting and two-a-day practices. That alone makes him catnip for the female species.
Add a lip ring and surly disposition to the package and you can understand what all the fuss is about.
Would I be included in that majority?
Hell, no.
As far as I’m concerned, Crosby can eat shit and die. The guy is a major jerk. Not to mention, a pain in my assets. And that’s putting it nicely. For reasons I’ve never understood, he goes out of his way to humiliate and hurt me. His barbed comments are always a direct hit before exploding on impact.
I’d love to know what I did to elicit such hatred but that would involve conversing with him and I refuse to do that. There’s only one more semester before graduation. Surely, we can get through the next six months without coming to blows.
That’s the hope, anyway.
Which is exactly why I’m thrown off guard when my nemesis pulls me aside and suggests a truce. Do I necessarily trust him after everything he’s put me through?
Nope. For the time being, I’ll agree so there can once again be peace in the kingdom all the while keeping him at a firm distance. Except that turns out to be impossible. Everywhere I go, there he is. It’s like I can’t get away from him. More shocking than that, he’s actually being nice.
If stomping out the underlying attraction that constantly flares to life between us was difficult before, it’s all but impossible now. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve been burned by one athlete, I refuse to allow it to happen again.

Campus Legend Ebook Cover[2680].jpg
Campus Flirt Ebook Cover[77].jpg

Campus Legend

He's Always Hidden Behind a Mask. Until it Was No Longer Possible.

Asher Stevens is a legend when it comes to Wildcat football. If the gossip that swirls through campus is true, he’ll be one of this year’s top NFL draft picks. To say I can’t stand the guy is a major understatement. Other women might be taken in by his handsome face, chiseled body, and athletic prowess, but not me. I see him for what he is—a muscle bound, steroid-infused meathead who drinks like a fish, smokes weed, and screws like he’s been sentenced to prison without the possibility of conjugal visits.
So what if my pulse trips every time our gazes collide?
Or my panties dampen when he lays hands on me?
It means nothing.
After three and a half years of steering clear, it seems like my luck has finally run out. Everywhere I go, there he is.
Needling me at the restaurant where I work—check.
Colliding on campus when I’m running late—double check.
Showing up in a parking lot after an accident—triple check.
No matter what I do, I can’t get away from the guy.
To make matters worse, my life is on the verge of imploding and the one person I want to avoid like the plague is the very same one who comes to my rescue, making me an offer I can’t refuse. One that involves spending time alone with him when that’s the last thing I want to do.
You know what scares me most?
The fleeting glimpses I catch buried beneath all the hype. The ones that suggest he’s deeper and more intelligent than I suspected.
Resisting the campus legend is easy.
Resisting the man he’s slowly revealing himself to be, isn’t.

Campus Flirt - Novella

He's Always Been Her Best Friend. Until That Wasn't Enough.

Know what the problem is with crushing on your best friend?

That there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Especially if you don’t want to blow up your entire relationship. Easton is the guy I turn to when I need...well, just about everything. And what I’ve learned over the years is that friendship is more difficult to come by than hookups and boyfriends.

Plus, it’s not like he sees me as anything other than his soccer playing gal pal. The one he used to sneak out of the house with when we were teenagers. But we’re not kids any more. At the end of this year, we’ll graduate and go our separate ways. Why that thought fills me with sadness, I don’t know.

Actually, I do. And that’s the problem.

So, when my roommate suggests going out with her hot, hockey playing cousin, it seems like the perfect opportunity to move on from this crush. According to her—and I quote—the best way to get over one guy is to get under—
I’m pretty sure you know how the saying goes.

*Campus Flirt is a short novella (20,000 words) and was first released in the Let's Play anthology*

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