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Hate to Love You Ebook Cover.jpg

Fake dating the campus player never felt so good.

Brody McKinnon is Whitmore University's star defenseman destined for NHL greatness. He made a name for himself playing juniors before gracing us with his esteemed presence. As much as it pains me to admit it, he’s exploded at the college level.

While other girls fall all over themselves trying to gain his attention, I do my best to steer clear just as I would a particularly nasty case of crabs.

For reasons I can't fathom, Brody takes great pleasure in messing with me. And I, in return, enjoy slicing him to ribbons with my razor-sharp tongue. You'd think after three years, he'd learn to keep his distance. No such luck.

Unfortunately for me, I’m about to experience the worst week of my life. It starts with my ex announcing at a party that I’m a lousy lay. He’s the hockey-playing jerk I dated last year who left a bad taste in my mouth (*eyeroll* seriously…get your mind out of the gutter).

Want to guess who rides in on his trusty white steed to rescue me? Or should I say, opens his big mouth? Yup, you guessed it. Brody freaking McKinnon, the guy I love to hate. He only makes matters worse by telling everyone that we’re together and then punching Reed in the face.

The first…I plan on strangling him for.

The second…I’m only sorry I didn’t get to Reed first.

Now I’m stuck fake-dating Brody, the one guy who makes me feel like a rabid dog on a choke chain, for the foreseeable future. I guarantee we won’t last more than seventy-two hours without me killing him.

Love to Hate You Ebook Cover.jpg

The one guy I can't stand on campus is now my roommate for senior year.

Carter Prescott is one of those guys who has it all.
Wealthy family…check.
Good looks…check.
Brains to match all that brawn…check.
And let’s not even talk about all those sculpted muscles (no—seriously, I don’t want to talk about them). The guy works out like it’s his job. Did I mention that he’s one of this year’s top NFL draft picks?
Sure, maybe in the beginning I was taken in by his pretty face and gorgeous body. What girl with a beating pulse wouldn’t be? But his obnoxious presence killed any attraction I might have felt a long time ago.
All right, fine…that’s not altogether true. The guy is smoking hot, okay?
There, I admitted it.
But that doesn’t mean he’s not a conceited jerk. Carter is my cousin’s best friend, and thanks to the fugue state I must have been in when I agreed to this living arrangement, he’s my roommate for senior year. Everything would be fine if he would just stop messing with me. But he’s incapable of restraining himself.
So, when he takes his antics too far, who can blame me for retaliating in kind? Carter wants to bring a hookup back to the apartment for the night?
Fine by me.
Is there any real harm done if I ambush them in the morning and introduce myself as his baby mama? Am I taking things too far if I whip up a batch of laxative laced brownies so he’ll crap himself all over the field?
Nope, I don’t think so…
The real question is how I’m going to make it through eight more months without slowly wrapping my fingers around his... throat and squeezing tight.
I’m sorry, did you think I was going to say something else?
Please, as if that would happen…

Final The Breakup Plan Ebook[3842][3133].jpg

Am I guilty of sleeping with Gray Freshman year? Yes, I am. Have I spent the last two and a half years avoiding him like the plague? You better believe it.

Grayson McNichols can have his pick of girls on this campus. Just ask him and he’ll tell you that the females of Hillsdale University have a real penchant for sexy, hockey playing hotties. Hell, all he has to do is flash a smile in their direction and they fall right onto their backs and spread their legs.
Would I happen to be one of them?
Umm…I’m going to plead the fifth on that one.
All right, fine. You caught me. I made the mistake of knocking boots with Gray freshman year. What can I say? I’m a sucker for gorgeous guys with inky black hair, bright blue eyes, and dimples. And don’t even get me started on his chiseled chest and abs of steel…
After we hooked up, I never heard from Gray again. Not that I expected too. Okay, that’s a lie. Maybe for one brief, delusional moment, I thought I might be different. You know, the girl who changes the hockey playing bad boy for the better (cue the laughter). But he swiftly disabused me of that notion by moving on to fresh meat in the blink of an eye.
Which is precisely why I’ve avoided Grayson like the plague ever since.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I totally deserve what I get.
Well, I don’t plan on falling into that trap ever again.
Except…now our parents are dating, and Gray’s come up with a cockamamie plan to break them up that has disaster written all over it.

just friends.JPG

Can a girl and guy ever be just friends?

Emerson and I met freshman year of high school and we’ve been tight ever since. I’ve been pretty good about keeping her locked in the- girls I don’t think about having sex with part of my brain. Which is no easy feat because, let’s face it, unless we’re related, you’re potential spank bank material.

Luckily for me, Southern University has an overabundance of Red Devils hockey groupies, which means there are always plenty of puck bunnies for me to choose from. I’m just careful to make sure they look nothing like Em. So, it should be all good in the hood, right?


I’m embarrassed to admit this, but lately, I can’t seem to get it up. Unless an image of Em pops into my head. Then it’s all systems go. It’s a messed-up situation. One Emerson is blissfully unaware of. And that’s exactly the way it needs to stay. What I’ve learned is that friendship is a hell of a lot harder to come by than hookups. Ready for a complication? It turns out that Em is a virgin. And she wants me to be the one to, well…take care of business. You better believe I shot down the idea before it could gain traction in my brain. Maybe Em doesn’t realize it, but remaining friends after you’ve slept with someone happens about as often as spotting a tie-dye-colored unicorn that craps sprinkles. If it weren’t rare, everyone would be doing it, right?


As far as I’m concerned, Emerson has remained a virgin for this long, she can damn well wait to do the deed until after we part ways next year. Unfortunately, my best friend has other ideas. Which pretty much means I’m screwed. And not in a good way.

The Hockey Hotties Ebook Cover.jpg

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐲 𝐇𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 is a sexy, new adult college sports romance collection featuring three hockey playing hotties. 

The Football Hotties Boxed Set Ebook Cover.jpg

A sexy, new adult college sports romance collection featuring three football playing hotties.

(B&N) Protecting What's Mine - Ebook Cover (2).JPG

There’s nothing wrong with a harmless little crush, right?

And who better to crush on than the gorgeous man next door?

The one who would never look twice in my direction.

Except he does.

The first time he pins me in place with his dark gaze, I’m rendered speechless. The first time he lays his hands on me, I melt. And the first time he takes me, well…I fall to pieces, wondering if I’ll ever be the same again.

Everything about him screams danger.

And yet I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that was part of the attraction.

Chicago is supposed to be a new beginning for me. A chance to find my bearings and live again. The man next door is the last person I should be getting involved with.

And yet, here I am.

A moth dancing too close to the flickering flame, hoping I don’t get torched.

(B&N) Claiming What's Mine - Ebook Cover[9614] (2).JPG

I’ve made it a point to steer clear of the men who work for my father. I have no intention of getting tangled up in that lifestyle. But there’s something about Roman, an irrepressible energy that snaps and sizzles between us. The weight of his stare makes the nerve endings under my skin prickle with awareness. From the moment we met, his dislike was palpable. And nothing has changed in the three years I’ve known him. If I were smart, I’d stay away. But I’m not smart. I’ve proven that time and time again where this man is concerned.

The moment I saw her, I knew she had the power to destroy everything I’d spent years trying to accomplish. I can’t allow that to happen. Most days, I’m barely civil to her, because I know all hell will break loose once the floodgates open. When Sofia should be the last thing I’m thinking about, she’ll relentlessly push her way inside my head. Nothing I’ve found douses the combustible energy that flares to life between us. It’s as frustrating as it is dangerous. I’m like a moth dancing too close to the flickering flames. One of these days I’m going to get burned. Or end up with a bullet in my head.


For high school senior, Parker Montgomery, life is pretty damn awesome. With his good looks and easy charm, girls have always fallen right into his lap. Which FYI- is precisely where he likes them. Sure, it can be something of a curse, but it's one he thoroughly enjoys taking advantage of. And he can always rely on his best friend, Max, to have his back. A little added side bonus to that friendship- Parker is continually reminded by Max's rollercoaster of a relationship (the guy was, after all, stabbed with a spork) just as to why he has absolutely zero interest in being tied down. Parker's idea of a long term commitment consists of a few pleasant hours spent fooling around in a dark room. And then there's football. Yep, he pretty much lives and breathes it.

Unfortunately for Parker, life is just about to nosedive before exploding into a fiery ball of flames because senior literature isn't going so well for him. And his teacher, Ms. Fisk (whom he not-so-lovingly refers to as an old bat) has called his parents to set him up with a tutor. With an ultimatum between raising his grade or sitting out for the season, Parker has no other choice but to begrudgingly meet with a tutor three times a week. Now throw in a girl who thinks he's nothing more than a walking STD and Parker suddenly finds himself doing all the chasing. If that wasn't enough to make him feel as if the world hasn't totally fallen off it's axis, this girl has relegated him to some strange realm called the friend zone. And he's pretty sure she doesn't mean friends-with-benefits either...

Is it possible that Parker Montgomery has finally found the one girl worth changing for? Will he somehow be able to prove to her that even a man-whore like himself can be reformed?

This is a Mature Young Adult Novel

crazy for you.jpg

Welcome back to the 80’s baby. Put away the Aqua Net and slip into something a little more comfortable with one of these twelve couples as they fall in love in Pine Grove.

Tyler Nelson

College quarterback. Rob Lowe dreamy. Older brother’s best friend.

I’ve crushed hard on Ty ever since he kissed me at a school dance when I was fourteen years old. Sure, he only did it to make me feel better, but that’s beside the point. It was the best five seconds of my life. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, it seems like the perfect time to show him that I’m not the dorky little kid with braces he left behind.

Danielle Wentworth

Newly minted Pine Grove graduate. Elizabeth Shue adorable. Best friend’s younger sister.

I’ve spent years trying to force Dani from my head. I mean, come on, she’s my best bud’s little sis. Brett will pummel my a$$ if he finds out I’ve been perving on her. That alone should be enough to keep me in check. All it takes is one look from across a crowded party for me to realize that I can’t fool myself any longer. I want to make that girl mine.

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